Improving Stafford


 I grew up with education being the fulcrum of my childhood. My parents stressed how important it was because it was the great equalizer for income inequality and other socioeconomic windfalls. I was always told if you study hard and treat your teachers and every staff member with respect, you will go places. I was also often reminded of the great sacrifices our men and women make as teachers, counselor, and school staff. Sacrifices that many generations of family members made and are making, including my husband, an elementary school teacher. When I see and hear our teachers and school staff recounting personal struggles such as living in motels, eating ramen and noodles and other harrowing tales of hardships, I am once again reminded of not only their sacrifices, but the great injustices we as a community including leadership, has contributed to by largely neglecting a profession that is the single biggest factor in shaping our children for the future. Everyday these nurturers are tasked with taking care of our most prized possessions and the least we can do as a community is take care of them and their families so that they can continue to effectively do their jobs. As supervisor, I will work hard to make sure our teachers and staff are being offered competitive wages so that they can continue to do what they do best, TEACH. I will work hard to make sure our classrooms are not overcrowded and lacking resources. And most of all, I will continue to LISTEN AND HEAR YOU 

Traffic and Roads:

When I first move to Stafford, navigating by foot soon became a problem in the Griffis-Widewater district. There were roads that were unpaved and pathways that were dark, scary and unsafe. These roadways posed a threat to pedestrian and motorists alike since they were either too narrow, poorly lit, or lacked a sidewalk. When I reached out to the current supervisor, I failed to get a response but as Supervisor, I promised I will Listen because as candidate and resident alike, I HEAR YOU when you say, I cannot get to work for the night shift because I cannot see to walk. I HEAR YOU when you say we need more pedestrian-friendly and motorist-friendly roads. Same thing goes for those that commute on the I-95 corridor. Traffic and congestion are huge consternations and as supervisor I will work hard to help alleviate the congestion so you can spend more time going and doing what you want instead of being in traffic. I will also work towards building a Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) that will give Stafford more access to money so that we may improve our roads and expand our bus and train services so that residents who rely and utilize them on a daily basis, have more options.

Economic Planning/Development:

If you walk or drive around certain areas in our great district such as Widewater, there’s a severe lack of accessible shopping options. There are neighborhoods without grocery store options, dining options or entertainment options. As a result, our residents often either have to leave the county to shop or go further down to access these options. As a Supervisor, I will work to provide more shopping options and I will work to ensure future development take these matters into consideration when proposing new plans. I will also work to ensure that there are more affordable housing options for all county residents because no one likes feeling unsure about where they will lay their heads each night. I can recall two such stories of residents both old and young, expressing their fears and worries about being priced out of the town and community they call home and not having any fall back options.  As supervisor, I will also work to make sure we are not overdeveloping Griffis-Widewater and that developments help pay for the infrastructure, schools, deputies, first responders, Firefighters, transportation projects and every other cost that arise.


I will work to ensure that back door deals are no longer business as usual. I will fight to bring transparency and keep everything out in the open for all of Stafford residents. I will work to keep our community involved and informed in the governmental process.



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