• At the age of 10, Tinesha Allen’s family immigrated from Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America, to the United States where there were better and more opportunities. She quickly took advantage of the these opportunities graduating Valedictorian of her middle school in Brooklyn, New York, and in the top one percent of her high school.

  • Allen earned a Posse Foundation full tuition leadership scholarship to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she graduated with a degree in Political Science.

  • After college she married and started a family. They relocated to the great state of Virginia in 2014 because they felt it was an outstanding place to raise their daughter. They eventually chose Stafford because it offered the best environment for family growth and provided a great scenic and idyllic suburban community.

  • Allen truly appreciates the workman like attitudes of the Griffis-Widewater residents and how friendly they are with each other. The candidate is currently a rideshare driver for Uber and Lyft while waiting to start nursing school in the fall of 2019 at Shenandoah University. Her husband is an elementary math and science teacher and their daughter is a 2nd-grade student.

  • This hard-working mother believes Stafford needs change. "We need someone who says I HEAR YOU when you say our schools are crowded and underfunded,” Allen stated. “I  HEAR YOU when you say we need someone who will stand up for our teachers, firefighter, EMTs, sheriff deputies, and all public servants who work tirelessly to protect and improve our county but are not paid as such. I HEAR YOU when you say we need someone who is not tied to special interests and deep pocketed individuals, but instead will listen, is transparent and will truly serve the interest of their fellow residents. I HEAR YOU when you say we need someone who offers realistic ideas and solutions, someone who is a leader and not an opportunist, someone who will work with others and someone who will always serve Stafford each and everyday.



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